I always wanted to travel, but never had the courage or knowledge to do so. My husband finally got me out of my comfort zone and now we travel together. | Empty Parking Spaces

How it all Started

While I was in college, I always thought that it would be fun to travel. Unfortunately, I had never even been on an airplane, so it was too scary a thought for me. Plus I had no money. Or any clue whatsoever as how to travel. So I never went anywhere! Then I met my husband. He had always had the travel bug, and the guts to do it. Before we started dating, he and a buddy went on a trip during their summer vacation. They traveled to 5 continents and over 20 countries in just 2 1/2 months! I was so jealous! But not too jealous because I knew I would never be able to do something like that. Too scary for me.

The Hangup

Originally, Hub-dubs and I wanted to plan some trips we could take together after we were married, out of school, and into the workforce. However, once married, graduated, and working we realized that it would be SO difficult to travel. We sort of planned trips, and had an idea of what we wanted to do, but it was all dependent on whether or not we could get time off work and have enough money saved. My husband had just gotten a new job, we were newly married, and we decided to buy a house right off the bat, so we were nowhere close to having any money or any time off.

So once again, I never went anywhere!

The Turnaround

Before we had been married a year, Hub-dubs was laid off. We were not sad, not even a little. Stressed, yes. Sad, no. Neither of us were enjoying Hub-dubs’s job and we felt stuck in a rut. But then we were freed! Hub-dubs worked a temporary job while he searched for other options. After just a few months, he landed a job about 24 hours from where we lived. So we packed up and moved to the South.

I don’t know how we got so lucky, but the Hubs landed a dream job. Really. Dream job. The job took us away from family for only a year and a half, and now Hub-dubs works from home. He also gets to travel! Wahoo! His traveling is not just any travel. He gets to go internationally as well as domestically. If I travel with him, we basically get to travel together for the cost of one.

So now that the Hubs has a job that involves traveling, we are able to finally afford it! One bonus is that the more my husband travels, the more flyer-miles he earns, which in turn means we get to travel more. I don’t tag along for every trip my husband takes, and I traveled less right at first since we didn’t have flyer-miles built up. However, now that we’ve been traveling for a little while, and because of the demand of my husband’s job, we have a Southwest companion pass that allows me to fly with him for free all of 2017!

The Aftermath

Since my husband got his new job, I have had the opportunity to fly domestically and internationally. My first international trip was to Australia where we visited Brisbane, Sydney, and Cairns. Since then, I’ve also been to several places in the U.S. including Las Vegas, Orlando, Destin (Florida), and most recently New Orleans. Currently, we have trips planned for Chicago, Minneapolis, New Orleans again, Orlando again, and a cruise to Mexico.

I went from having never been on a plane at the age of 22 to having flown alone domestically and internationally, plus several flights between, in less than 2 years. And it doesn’t look like we’ll slow down soon! I will be forever thankful that my husband rubbed the travel bug off on me. Or more accurately, forced me to get out of my comfort zone. :)

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