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UPDATE: We adopted a beautiful baby girl March 2018! Thank you for all who supported us in any way along this journey. Stay tuned for a family update.

Trevor and Keeley and Adoption

Hello!  I’m Keeley!  My husband Trevor and I just completed our adoption home study (for the U.S.) and are ready to adopt.  We would love for you to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  Please share our adoption profile with your friends and family to help connect us with a baby in need of a loving home!  We can be contacted at

Adoption Profile of Trevor and Keeley

Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves.


Trevor is the youngest of six boys.  His family is one of a kind.  They are the most hard working people I have ever met.  In Trevor’s younger years, a good amount of their family time was spent working together.  Even now, the kids get together every so often and help out on the farm, either herding cows, helping build a barn, or fixing up pens for the animals.

Trevor’s family also enjoyed camping and outdoor sports, such as snowmobiling and four-wheeling.  One of Trevor’s favorite Christmases was the Christmas his family skipped the regular Christmas traditions and spent a week in the mountains snowmobiling as a family.  Now that all the kids are grown and have families of their own, they try to get together to do some sort of outdoor activity about once a year. Since I have joined the family, we have enjoyed four-wheeling, boating, river rafting, snowmobiling, hiking, and camping with Trevor’s family.  Last year, we visited Mesa Verde, Hovenweep, and Newspaper Rock with his family.

Adoption Profile of Trevor and Keeley

Throughout his life, Trevor has been a very motivated person.  As a high school student, he was involved with many activities.  He was in student government his senior year; he played football a few years, but wrestling was his favorite, and he was a team captain his senior year; he went above and beyond to take higher education courses and graduate high school with his associate’s degree; and after all this, still made time for family and friends.  After high school, Trevor served a two-year mission for our church in California.  He learned Spanish and spoke it fluently on his mission, and still uses it today in his work (now that I am learning Spanish, he will occasionally speak to me in Spanish to help me learn).  Trevor went on to earn a mechanical engineering degree and a math minor.  He works hard at his current job, and he is preparing to start his master’s program next month.  I am sure that his natural motivation will come in handy over the next few years.

One of my favorite things about Trevor is that he is outgoing and quite social.  He loves spending time with people that he cares about, and he is always looking for a chance to catch up with friends and family he has not seen in a while.  I am very impressed with his ability to be a good friend.  Trevor has a large number of friends that he feels close to, and he will frequently give them a call to see how their work is going, wish them a happy birthday, or check-up on their family.

Trevor is very good with kids.  I promise, I am not biased in saying that.  They love him!  He has 20 nieces and nephews, and I have 8, so he spends a good amount of time with kids.  As soon as Trevor walks into a room, the younger kids’ faces light up, and they charge at him and try their hardest to “defeat Trevor.”  The kids love to roughhouse with him, and they laugh and giggle the whole time.  He is a good sport about it and is sure to be careful with the kids and let them win every once in a while.  Uncle Trevor is always willing to be their jungle gym, and they love him for it.  Trevor and I both plan on bonding with our own children in this roughhouse-type way, and we can’t wait to hear their laughs and giggles and squeals while playing with them.

Just as he did growing up, Trevor still enjoys playing (and following) sports and being outdoors.  He plays basketball on a regular basis, and he occasionally plays ultimate frisbee.  Trevor’s favorite sports to follow are college football and college basketball, but he keeps up with professional sports as well.  Outside of sports, he enjoys hiking, camping, backpacking, and adventuring.  Before we were married, Trevor and a friend of his spent a summer traveling the world.  They traveled to 5 continents and 23 countries. Altogether, his travels have taken him to 27 countries, and he still has some countries on his list that he wishes to see.  Trevor grew up traveling different places with his mom, and he is excited to share that same love of traveling with his own kids.  We both feel that it is important for kids to experience different cultures and learn about how other people live.  (Although, I didn’t have any of those experiences as a kid, and I still turned out nearly perfect.)  ;)

Adoption Profile of Trevor and Keeley

The work Trevor currently does requires him to travel every now and then.  Sometimes he is gone for a few days, and sometimes he is gone for a week.  Sometimes he doesn’t travel for three months straight, and other times he travels twice a month or more. Luckily, his job allows him to work from home, so when he isn’t traveling, he is working in his home office.  We enjoy the opportunity to eat lunch together and spend more of our time around each other.  I know Trevor is looking forward to having that extra time at home to spend with our kids.  Being present is highly important to him.  Every now and then, when Trevor has to travel, I get to go with him; we are eager to take our children with us on these trips and explore new places together as a family.


I grew up as the fourth child in a family of eight kids.  My oldest sister is 32, and my youngest brother (who is adopted) is 9 years old.  Even though my family is large and spread apart, we all get along very well.  All of my siblings are pretty close, and we enjoy any time that we get to spend together.  As I was growing up, my family enjoyed activities such as camping, hiking, gardening, and eating together.  It was a rare occasion if we didn’t all sit at the table together for dinner. I also remember many nights, just before bedtime, hanging out in the kitchen while my dad popped popcorn or made chocolate milkshakes for a snack.  During the fall we would harvest our garden and spend the days canning beans, applesauce, pears, peaches, salsa (my favorite), and other yummy foods.  I’m excited to share some of these same experiences with our kids as they grow up.

Trevor and Keeley Adoption Profile


Since we had a large family, everyone had daily chores, and we would all help around the house.  I would often help my mom with cooking dinner.  I think learning to cook with my mom is where I gained my love for cooking and baking (and just food in general). My favorite dish that she taught me to make is chicken enchiladas, southern style.  She also taught me to make the most delicious brownies.  I could eat the entire pan myself, but I’m usually nice enough to share.  Usually. . .

In high school I was a pretty good student and did well academically.  I loved sports and was a top runner in cross country and track, and I also played basketball for a few years.  Outside of sports, I learned to play the saxophone, the violin, and the piano. Music has always been my stress relief.  If I had a piano or violin now, I would play them, but since I don’t, I sing.  Mostly, I sing when I’m home or in the car, but sometimes I sing with my church choir.  When I’m visiting my family, we (the girls) will sometimes sing together and practice different harmonies on a few of our favorite songs.  I am looking forward to singing our children a song or two before bed, and I already have a list of my favorite lullabies.

Currently, I am working toward becoming a proofreader and plan on joining the freelance proofreading world in the next month or so.  While proofreading, I will be able to work from home and work as little or as much as I would like.  I’m excited for this because I am really looking forward to being a stay-at-home mom and soaking up as many baby giggles as I can, but I’ll still have a way to help save up for travel or fun family activities.

Unlike Trevor, I am a little less outgoing.  I only have two or three close friends that I regularly keep in contact with.  Otherwise, I mostly keep to myself.  For as much as Trevor likes to spend time with others, I like to spend time alone and at home.  So occasionally, when Trevor is traveling for work, and I can’t tag along, I spend my sweet alone time binge watching Netflix and eating chocolate ice cream with a good, healthy drizzle of heavy whipping cream on top.  Mmmmm.  I love sweets to no end, and I am not ashamed.  (As I reread this, I realize that I talk a lot about food.  Apparently, food is very important to me!)  Once we have children, I won’t be alone when Trevor travels (which I am SO pumped for), but I can still have some time to myself after kids go to bed.  I think everyone needs a little time to themselves here and there.

The Two of Us, Together

Trevor and I have been married for 5 years.  We have been on some awesome adventures together, and we have worked through many challenges together, both of which have strengthened our marriage and love for each other.

Here are a few of our favorite moments:

Adoption Profile of Trevor and Keeley

Trevor and I met while we were in college.  We both used to go country swing dancing to relieve the stress of school and just for some good fun and exercise.  One fateful night, Trevor asked me to dance, and we quickly became dancing friends.  We had a good time laughing and getting to know each other this way.  About six months later we started dating, and we’ve been best friends ever since.

Like most couples, we enjoy spending time together.  Sometimes that includes traveling and exploring new cities and places, but more frequently it involves watching our favorite TV shows together or doing some of our favorite at-home activities.  Currently, we love hiking, playing sports, spending time with family and friends, watching Marvel movies, and eating delicious food.  During the summer we will take any chance we get to spend our time outside. . . just so long as it’s not too hot and there aren’t any mosquitoes!  Once we have children, we plan on taking them on all of our fun activities and adventures with us, especially hiking. We believe it is important to spend a good amount of time outdoors, soak up some sunshine, and breathe the fresh air.

If you couldn’t tell from our profile thus far, we don’t have any children yet (surprise!), however, we do have the most adorable dog! She enjoys going for walks, eating not-quite-ripe apples, and playing fetch with a frisbee.  Her most favorite things, however, are shredding sticks all over the lawn and chasing the laser.  Recently, we’ve gotten into hiking and spending a good amount of time in the canyon, which has quickly become her new favorite.  Just saying the word “canyon” will get her ears perked up in excitement. She became a part of our family just after we were married, so she has been a BIG part of our life together.  We sure do love her. She is the sweetest dog you will ever meet.  Our little sweetie is very careful around children and babies, and I think she will adjust to a new baby very easily.

Adoption Profile of Trevor and KeeleyOne of the largest parts of our lives that especially needs mentioning is our religion.  We are part of a Christian religion and are active in our church.  We try to live as good examples of Christ and try to love those around us just as He would.  We don’t always get it right, but we do always try.

Trevor and I have been trying to start our family for several years now.  We are grateful for the time we’ve been able to spend together as just the two of us, but we are more than ready to move on!  The decision to try adoption was an easy one for us.  Long before we knew we would have fertility problems, we had talked about adoption and wanted to adopt at some point.  It was something that both of us agreed on and were excited about back then.  We are even more excited now that our adoption home study is done, and it is becoming more real.  Trevor and I are longing to find our family.  The way we look at it, our children will be our children, no matter where they come from.

When my parents were in the middle of the adoption process, my mom told me that she was a little nervous about bonding with the new baby.  Then the day came that they were able to meet my brother.  Mom said that the moment she held him in her arms, she was filled with the same exact love that she felt for each of her other seven children when she held them for the first time.  As my mom told me this story, two things rang true to me.  First, I knew that adoption needed to be a part of our lives.  Second, I knew that I had that same kind of love amassed in my heart waiting for a sweet little baby to come along.  So thanks, Mom, for telling me that story, and please don’t cry when you read this.

All that being said, we would love to adopt a newborn of any gender or ethnicity and are looking forward to an open adoption. Trevor and I are excited to become parents and teach our children the value of family and what it means to be loved.  Please share our adoption profile, so that we might be able to expand our family.  We greatly appreciate your help and support through our adoption journey!

You can contact us at

With love,

Trevor and Keeley