Jute Tree – Hobby Lobby Inspired Christmas DIY


This Christmas jute tree is a great Hobby Lobby inspiration for your holiday home decor. It is inexpensive and easy to create one yourself! | Empty Parking Spaces

I love walking through craft stores during Christmas time. All the greenery and pretty ornaments just make my heart happy. This year as I was walking through Hobby Lobby, I noticed some decorative jute trees that stood about 2 feet tall. They were adorable! But even at the 50% off Holiday Decor discount, I wasn’t going to spend 30+ dollars for that kind of decoration. At least not this year. Perhaps in future years, when I am old and have nothing better to spend my money on. But for now, I need to go cheap.

And so my Hobby Lobby inspiration led me to DIY Christmas Jute Trees. These were really easy (maybe a little time consuming), and I already had everything on hand except for some holiday ribbon.

Even if you don’t have the items all on hand, the jute trees are not very expensive to make.

Christmas Jute Tree

Here’s what you need:

Ribbon – I used ribbon that wasn’t sheer (so I could hide my carton lid) and about 1 inch wide.
Carton lid or cardboard
Hot Glue
Glitter Sealant Spray – Easily accessible on Amazon, but much cheaper at Home Depot or Lowe’s. I think Walmart even carries this stuff.
Glitter – Used extra fine gold glitter kind of like this one, but you could use any color that fits with your decor.

The Process

The pictures below pretty well outline the steps I took to make my jute tree. But I’ve also included words for those who appreciate reading. ;)

This Christmas jute tree is a great Hobby Lobby inspiration for your holiday home decor. It is inexpensive and easy to create one yourself! | Empty Parking Spaces

I used 5 skewers for my jute tree. Depending on how large the base of your tree is you may want to use less or more to ensure a good round shape.

The first thing I did was secure the top of the skewers with a small rubber band.

Then, I used hot glue to secure the bottom of the skewers to the carton lid. I’ll be honest, I had a difficult time getting the skewers in the right place to make a good cone shape. My jute tree ended up being a little slanty, as you can see in the picture above (bottom right).

Next, I tacked the beginning of the jute strand to the top of the tree with hot glue. I wrapped the jute around the tree from the top to the bottom. This tree used an entire roll of jute. After wrapping around the tree a few times I scrunched the jute up the tree to make it thicker and also loosen the jute. If the jute is pulled too tight it will show corners from the skewers and won’t look round. One of the pictures above shows the loosened and scrunched jute. You can squish it back into a nice tree shape when you’re completely finished.

Once the roll of jute was used up, I wrapped the end around one of the other strands on the tree.

To finish the jute tree I hot glued a ribbon to the bottom (to hide my carton lid), and added glitter. I used a glitter sealant spray to wet the jute, then I sprinkled on the glitter, and finished it off with the same glitter sealant spray to hold the glitter in place. Unfortunately, the glitter is hard to see in the pictures. I promise it is really pretty. :)

All in all it turned out great!

Final Notes

Wrapping the jute on the skewers took me quite a while. Probably an hour if you include interruptions. It’s a mindless task though, so turn on a Christmas movie and wrap away!

I did not love the carton lid as the base. But it was all I could think of at the time. My husband suggested using a round cut out of cardboard and poking holes in the edges for the bottom of the skewers. Duh! What is it they say when you do something stupid? Face-palm??? Using cardboard instead of a carton lid would have been WAY easier! (Thanks, husband, for telling me this AFTER I glued my skewers.) If you do the cardboard, put the bottom of the skewers in your cardboard first, then secure the tops with a rubber band. This might help you avoid a slanty tree. :)

Now You

So! What do you think?! Easy? Or is it worth it to buy them at the store? (I’m going to stick with making them myself until they get less expensive) Do you have any better ideas of how to secure the bottom of the skewers to make the tree?

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